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Case Studies: Profit – Supply Chain Sustainability

Introduction Red chilies are widely used in South-Asian cuisine since last many decades. Unfortunately red chillies in Pakistan undergo Aflatoxin contamination, which can occur in the fields during the process of harvesting, post-harvesting, drying and storage. Aflatoxin is produced by fungi growing on the chili plant and fruit, and is carcinogenic. At least 13 different […]

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Case Study Planet : Working towards Environmental Excellence

The ‘business case’ for CSR is a leading topic of discussion within the larger CSR debate, all over the world. It is encouraging to note that several companies in various different countries have moved well beyond discussion, into planning and implementing strategies to embed CSR into business operations. Many in fact are already even reaping […]

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Care and Growth Leadership

Management theories based on research are more enduring than others since they can be measured and re-evaluated with time for their relevance and soundness. The Care and Growth Leadership model is one such profound doctrine that came about as a result of an anthropological research some 3 decades ago and has withstood the test of […]

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