Corporate Volunteerism in Pakistan – A Research Report

By : Nazish Shekha & Shahzad Hooda
for : Triple Bottom-Line (TBL), Pakistan
June 2016


The National Volunteer Programme (NVP) has been launched by Triple Bottom-Line with a vision to ‘strive for a just and prosperous society in which the marginalized will emerge from distress through the caring support of other, more privileged and compassionate people serving as volunteers’.

The NVP is a structured programme for the growth of volunteerism in Pakistan. The report “Corporate Volunteerism in Pakistan” has been developed by TBL, based on primary and secondary research carried out in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This is by no means an exhaustive study and its findings are to be taken largely as indicative of prevailing thought and practices relating to volunteerism in the corporate sector, as well as outlining companies’ preferred areas of related philanthropic activities.

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