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Clashing Views on Media Ethics in Pakistan

I am afraid I have a bias. Being part of the growing media industry in Pakistan, perhaps it is in my best interest to side with my fellows rather than with others. Frankly speaking though, it seems impartiality and objectivity is a utopia – something which has remained a controversial case since many ages – […]

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Where Are Our Advertisers Leading Us?

Advertising is a strong medium, which has a profound impact on people’s attitudes, behaviour and their values. It is indeed the responsibility of the media to contribute to the positive development of people and to foster the wellbeing of society. In this regard, it is important to note that advertising can and does raise ethical […]

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C3 Roundtable Cross Company CSR Shaping The Future of CSR

A Roundtable was organized on April 22, 2009 in Karachi by tbl (triple bottom-line), on the concept of Cross-Company CSR (C3). This Concept has been developed by tbl as a future direction for CSR.  The primary objective of the Roundtable was to understand and discuss how the C3 concept can be further developed and practically […]

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Media Responsibility

Across Asia, many companies have a love-hate relationship with the media. Happy to talk with journalists when there’s a positive story to tell, senior executives complain bitterly when media adopt a critical tone. A more nuanced – and well-rounded – approach should be adopted in recognising the media’s dual role in covering the commercial sector: […]

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