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1. 2009 Reflection – The slow death of the free-market The global economic recession, which peaked in 2009, led many to question neo-liberal/neo-classical capitalism. Well, it’s perhaps more accurate to say that it initiated conversation that was not before very present amongst civil society, markets, the media, Royalty, and even government. In October 2008, The […]

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The Green Business Decade in Review

Okay, I’ll admit: The headline above is a bit of a come-on. I couldn’t possibly do justice to the past 10 years’ worth of green business activity – at least not in the following 1,500 or so words. But as we view the whatever-it’s-called decade in the rearview mirror, it’s tempting to assess what’s transpired […]

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Climate Change Refugees in Bangladesh

Of all the countries in the world, Bangladesh is one of the most threatened by the changing climate. Food production depends highly on the many rivers and the yearly monsoon season, both of which have become destabilized. Many rice fields have become salinized, rendering them useless. As a result, large numbers of people have to […]

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Building a More Sustainable Philanthropist: One T-shirt at a Time

Uth Oye! ( is a social enterprise that designs premium quality t-shirts with socially relevant messages. 50 percent of our profits support organizations that are actively involved in the education, human rights, renewable energy and developmental sectors of Pakistan. The non-profit and philanthropy sector has always relied on the presence and goodwill of the individual […]

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