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The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility: Cross Company CSR

Imagine a manufacturing company in the business of producing and marketing farm implements. Business growth for this company, let’s call it Quality Tools Limited, depends amongst other factors, on the level of education (and hence comprehension) the potential buyers – the farmers – have, in order that they may better understand both the usage and […]

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Public-Private Partnership: Transition to Greater Economic Freedom

A general premise of economic freedom rests on the minimum role of the government in service provisioning. However there are services, or economic limitations of some recipients of these services, which make it difficult for the government to completely roll back from direct provisioning. This situation also arises where the private sector sees little economic […]

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How Collaboration Can Save The Planet – And Your Business

What’s our Problem? By the time this article is being written, it is clear: those who warned against the unsustainability of greed (getting more than one deserves) and fear (contributing less than one’s potential) are vindicated. No matter what the consultants advocate, the truth is that the old way of working is over. Now that […]

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A Way Forward The Commonwealth Business Council Guidelines For Corporate Citizenship

Business in the Commonwealth has become increasingly aware of its role in helping to make globalisation work in a way that combines economic advance with social development. Indeed, many Commonwealth companies are leading the way by demonstrating good corporate citizenship in action, “living out” the business principles that they have established and articulated in different […]

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