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Sustainability : The Art and Science of it

We live in a challenging world, with local responsibilities and global pressures. With fast paced lives, and ever changing ideologies. Seems like trying something and sticking to it is being replaced by all you can eat buffets. All to what end? Challenges are indeed among us, however some inspired thinkers do provide some semblance of […]

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Greet A Green Ramadan!

Our Ramadan seems to be focused entirely on ourselves – our own exercise in self-control, our own spiritual growth, our effort in helping to alleviate the suffering and hunger of our own people. Our do good feel-good mentality stultifies at clothing, feeding, and providing education or healthcare. Once we’ve done our duty of doling out […]

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Why We’re Failing to Sustain – and How Can We Succeed, Right Now

I just had an Aha! moment about what’s-the-problem-with- sustainability. Conse quently, I saw how can that “problem” be fixed instantly. Because that problem does not lie in nature. The ‘problem’ is how we define sustainability. This is the current Wikipedia definition and by design, it’s the current definition of the collective humanity: “Sustainability, in a […]

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Ethics of Sustainability

The natural reaction in an economic downturn is to cut costs regardless of if you are an individual person or a multinational company. And you could be forgiven for assuming that the first thing to be put on a company’s scrap heap is its investment in corporate social responsibility. More often than not, CSR strategies […]

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