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Economic Bottom-Lines:Inclusivity and Microenterprises

Economic inclusivity is arguably the fundamental consideration in the ‘profits’ bottom-line (assuming that transparency, legal compliance, tax obligations and all such matters are well in-line). Inclusivity, both at the international and macro-economic level is what has the ability to truly contextualize the economic behaviour of an entity. For instance, at the international level, we have […]

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Microfinance and the Triple Bottom Line

The origins of microfinance are found in the community development projects of the 1950s, with microfinance evolving in the past 30 years especially from small-scale community lending programmes, into fairly sophisticated financial operations. One such pioneering programme, which has become a global microfinance success story was the Grameen Bank, the origins of which can be […]

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Transformation of Women-Owned Businesses: a Policy Shift

This article discusses the policy-related issues for women entrepreneurs (WEs) operating in the MSE (micro and small enterprises) sector in Pakistan. It argues that most of the women-owned enterprises fall in the category of MSEs and not SMEs and hence deserve a separate policy level attention in the form of a new gender-sensitive, MSE Policy. […]

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Global Warming has Opened the World’s Next Suez Canal

Melting Arctic Shaves 4,000 Miles Off Vital Shipping Route Businessmen, traders, and seafarers have spent hundreds of years wishing for a shortcut through the Arctic to ship goods between Asia and the West. Now, they’re about to get what they wished for: global warming has cleared out enough ice to allow a shipping route to […]

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