From the Native World of Beetlenuts, Pinang

There’s something magical about pioneers. Part of that magic, if you’re a guest, is in the attention to detail. From the fresh green apples they bring you in the Jacuzzi to everyone knowing your name to the restaurant manager remembering my endless fatal food allergies to the endless complimentary services and consumables. In having a […]

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We are Like Seeds,not Trees

The soft-spoken, eloquent Kamal Hyat, Founding CEO and MD of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) recently shared with tbl his thoughts about poverty and our responsibilities in addressing it. His focus is on the people his organization serves to benefit: those in poor communities. He urges everyone to spend time with the people in […]

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Brain Picking

“It’s all about people.” Abrar Hasan CE, National Foods Abrar Hasan is the Chief Executive of National Foods, one of the largest multi-category food products companies in Pakistan. The company has graciously supported tbl since before it even sprang off the drawing board and is one of its 2 founder sponsors. And, for those three […]

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Engaged to be…?

With all this talk about stakeholder ‘management’, subconsciously, our brains tend to process stakeholders as yet another nuisance to be ‘managed’. Managing humans, to me, has somewhat of a negative connotation. Of course, when displeased, stakeholders could present a risk to be mitigated. However, when meaningfully engaged and consulted, there is much latent energy to […]

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