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Evolution of CSR Around The Globe: Any Lessons for Pakistan?

CSR has been around for some time although the social responsibility of business was not widely considered to be a significant problem from Adam Smith’s time to the Great Depression. But since the 1930s, and increasingly since the 1960s, social responsibility has become ‘an important issue not only for business but in the theory and […]

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The Auto Industry: Challenges and Solutions

The recession has hit the automotive industry hard worldwide. In times of cut throat competition and advances in technology every single day, automotive manufacturers are valiantly struggling to either maintain or gain more market share, thereby increasing their profitability. There are various areas which require innovation. Supply chain collaboration has regained its importance and methods […]

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Pricing: for Profit or for Fairness?

Ensuring availability, accessibility and affordability of food to the population remains one of the foremost roles of the state (government). This process entails a detailed public policy framework comprising of agricultural policies underscoring sustainability as well as enhancements in productivity, factor and product pricing and ensuring food availability through functioning markets. In developing countries with […]

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Crisis: Sugar, Wheat, Rice…

Food Insecurity in Pakistan In the last two years, many issues have arisen that threaten Pakistan’s ability to feed itself. Food insecurity exists in part because there have been continuing wheat and sugar crises. The situation also looks set to worsen with the government proposal to lease land to other countries. As companies become increasingly […]

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