Pricing: for Profit or for Fairness?

Ensuring availability, accessibility and affordability of food to the population remains one of the foremost roles of the state (government). This process entails a detailed public policy framework comprising of agricultural policies underscoring sustainability as well as enhancements in productivity, factor and product pricing and ensuring food availability through functioning markets. In developing countries with […]

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Pak-Governance: Parallel Tracks

The term “good governance” has increasingly been used to describe the regulatory interventionist regime necessary to support free markets in order to reduce, minimize and dampen suboptimal market outcomes due to constraints present in the real world. The concept was also adopted by development literature whereby it was argued that better institutions (that is, better […]

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World Wheat Whereabouts

Pakistan is the world’s sixth largest producer of wheat, according to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, with an annual production of over 21 million metric tonnes (MT). The US Department of Agriculture estimates Pakistan’s rice consumption to be over 2.5 million MT. With exports of about the same quantity, Pakistan is capable of feeding […]

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