Welcome to our New Online Presence

TBL – Triple Bottom-Line, launched in January 2008 as Pakistan’s first knowledge-based, CSR publication, and in February 2009 as a website (www.tbl.com.pk), is now becoming a broader-based CSR platform under a new growth strategy launched this year.

To start off, the previous logo with tbl written in small font has been replaced by TBL written in capital font, to emphasize the importance of the triple bottom-line concept. While TBL is written in forest green, the words TRIPLE BOTTOM-LINE are in Mediterranean blue.

We have also moved from using People, Planet, Profits for the triple bottom-line, to People, Planet, Prosperity, derived from the proceedings at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa, in September 2002. Profits, without prosperity we feel are meaningless, and hence the triple bottom-line is better represented by People, Planet & Prosperity.

Going forward, the TBL print edition is being discontinued as a regular bi-monthly, coming out as special editions from time to time, while www.tbl.com.pk has been revamped to become a hybrid website-blog as you can see here. Our migration from a print to a stronger online presence we feel will work better for our Mission,? ‘To pioneer the dissemination of specialized CSR knowledge in Pakistan and be a platform for informed discussion internationally, with the goal of facilitating the creation of a more entrenched sustainability culture in our world.’

Simultaneously TBL is undertaking a range of other activities to further its Vision and Mission through a broad-based approach. These include CSR counseling, stakeholder engagement, sustainability report writing and trainings & seminars. Further a long-term and scalable Corporate Volunteerism programme will be launched soon, involving the corporate sector directly in shared value creation in pursuit of the triple bottom-line.

We now solicit interest of people and organizations who share our mission, in strategic partnerships with TBL.

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  5. From here on out, I shall contribute articles relating to the area’s of people, planet and prosperity. Good luck!

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