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Engaged to be…?

With all this talk about stakeholder ‘management’, subconsciously, our brains tend to process stakeholders as yet another nuisance to be ‘managed’. Managing humans, to me, has somewhat of a negative connotation. Of course, when displeased, stakeholders could present a risk to be mitigated. However, when meaningfully engaged and consulted, there is much latent energy to […]

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Stakeholder Engagement: What Didn’t Work for Acer

Stakeholder engagement in the developing world is still very much in process. Many non-profit organizations charge that companies have to become more involved with local communities in order to fully appreciate the impact one company can have. This could not be truer in the case of Acer in Taiwan. Acer is a very large computer […]

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2010 GRI Conference Transparency Towards A Sustainable Global Economy

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) hosted the 3rd Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency on 26-28 May, 2010. Described as the largest multi-stakeholder conference focusing on the role of organizational transparency in a sustainable global economy, GRI says this was the first meeting of this size and global composition. The conference urged radical and […]

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6point8 Billion: The Citizen Stakeholders

Is it possible to engage each and every human on the planet as a stakeholder? Is it possible to make every single voice count? Is it possible to get all citizens on board to arrive at decisions that are relevant to the entire population? The answer is: YES. A resounding, no dream, all hard fact […]

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