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Overcoming The Academia-Industry Trust Deficit

Shell-Eco Marathon, a concept that most of us residing in Pakistan, were unaware of until last year, has now become the talk of Pakistan’s engineering universities. The Shell Eco-marathon began in 1939 at an American Shell research labo-ratory as a friendly venture between scientists to see who could get the most miles per gallon from […]

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Marketers! Ask Not “to Tweet or Book?”

Ask how both can be used as a part of an overall branding strategy in the appropriate way. Facebook and Twitter are playing a larger role in brand strategy than anyone could have expected. What started off as a social networking tool for the mere purpose of harmless interaction has turned into an online billboard […]

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TEDX in Karachi? New Ideas? Inspiring?

In the marketplace of ideas only the best must survive. TEDx, Pakistan, failed its own philosophy. It wasn’t that the ideas were poor. It was the packaging, the presentation, and the speakers’ choosing to talk in banalities, rather than true struggles against systemic problems that go beyond band aid solutions. Whenever something is marketed as […]

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CSR for PR not PR for CSR

So, what is the relationship between CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and PR (Public Relations)? The short answer is PR can be both a blessing and a curse to CSR. It is a matter of which comes first and what is the intention. Done properly and with a company that embraces the strategic and integrated nature […]

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