CSR – A (Counter) Intuitive Perspective

This article questions the intuitive interpretation of the CSR agenda and argues that the biggest social responsibility of the business is to earn profits while respecting applicable rules and social norms. It argues that, subject to its adherence to rules, every successfully operating business in the current context of Pakistan is, by default, a socially […]

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Transformation of Women-Owned Businesses: a Policy Shift

This article discusses the policy-related issues for women entrepreneurs (WEs) operating in the MSE (micro and small enterprises) sector in Pakistan. It argues that most of the women-owned enterprises fall in the category of MSEs and not SMEs and hence deserve a separate policy level attention in the form of a new gender-sensitive, MSE Policy. […]

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Public-Private Partnership: Transition to Greater Economic Freedom

A general premise of economic freedom rests on the minimum role of the government in service provisioning. However there are services, or economic limitations of some recipients of these services, which make it difficult for the government to completely roll back from direct provisioning. This situation also arises where the private sector sees little economic […]

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Pani Ghar – Case Study of a Social Enterprise

A pseudonym ‘Paniwala’ (PW) has been used to disguise the identity of the leading entrepreneur behind ‘Pani Ghar’, a social enterprise established two years ago to provide safe drinking water at affordable prices. The social enterprise as a company was wounded up while the pilot outlet still functions in Lahore. Mr. Paniwala (PW) looks back […]

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