Media Responsibility

Across Asia, many companies have a love-hate relationship with the media. Happy to talk with journalists when there’s a positive story to tell, senior executives complain bitterly when media adopt a critical tone. A more nuanced – and well-rounded – approach should be adopted in recognising the media’s dual role in covering the commercial sector: […]

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Green Business Sense?

Business is turning green globally. From cars to credit cards to light bulbs, and even potato chips, environmentally-friendly versions of products and services loved by consumers for decades are hitting the market. Driving the trend are two key factors: consumer demand for green alternatives and increasing stakeholder scrutiny of companies’ environmental footprints. Recent examples include […]

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Essential CSR

A long-running debate about the purpose of business has exposed some of the differences between Western and Asian approaches to corporations. While the Western model has long focused on creating shareholder value, companies and governments in South Asia, including Pakistan, have tended to agree – but also emphasise their contributions to development of societies, economies […]

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