Care and Growth Leadership

Management theories based on research are more enduring than others since they can be measured and re-evaluated with time for their relevance and soundness. The Care and Growth Leadership model is one such profound doctrine that came about as a result of an anthropological research some 3 decades ago and has withstood the test of […]

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Trust, Inter-Dependence and CSR

We are an interdependent species no matter how we look at it. We need others to fulfill our simple and complex needs. We need a weaver to make our clothes, a farmer to harvest our food and a doctor to cure our ills – not to mention scores of other individuals and creatures who contribute […]

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transforming the corporate soul

There lies a far deeper meaning to the ritual worship in the Muslim month of Ramadan. Prayers, fasting, giving charity are actually the tools for inner transformation applying all of one?s physical and financial resources. The essence is to reconfigure the individual?s bearing from being a ‘taker’ to a ‘giver’. Giving or service restores the […]

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TEDx Lahore 2010

On a warm afternoon interspersed by gracious drizzles, TEDx Lahore 2010 took place at the Ali Auditorium on Ferozepur Road; an excellent choice for the venue?s lush green gardens and adequate spacing if we ignore the miniscule lobby near the entrance that had throngs of people squashed inside and fanning themselves with pamphlets, waiting for […]

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