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CSR now needed more than ever before

Turbulent times: Financial storms in the US and UK will have implications for all of us. Main Street and Wall Street cannot be separated. If the captains of those financial companies, now in crisis or bankrupted, had acted more responsibly with a proper Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, then their vessels would not have sunk […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility: A Reputation At Risk

why it matters, what it means and where it is going As the economic world turns upside down, the issue of trust – in business, governments, media and pressure groups in particular – has returned as perhaps one of the most urgent challenges of our time and one that has no borders. This can also […]

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VC Analysis: Rooting Out Detractors

The rather significant ass-u-m-ption in using the term value chain (VC) as opposed to supply chain is that only processes or people that add value to a product or service are considered to be a part of the value chain. In reality, this is often not the case, especially where middlemen often are observed to […]

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