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Engaged to be…?

With all this talk about stakeholder ‘management’, subconsciously, our brains tend to process stakeholders as yet another nuisance to be ‘managed’. Managing humans, to me, has somewhat of a negative connotation. Of course, when displeased, stakeholders could present a risk to be mitigated. However, when meaningfully engaged and consulted, there is much latent energy to […]

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6point8 Billion: The Citizen Stakeholders

Is it possible to engage each and every human on the planet as a stakeholder? Is it possible to make every single voice count? Is it possible to get all citizens on board to arrive at decisions that are relevant to the entire population? The answer is: YES. A resounding, no dream, all hard fact […]

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The Trellis of Sustainability: Engaged Stakeholders

Engaging the stakeholders of an organization is crucial for ensuring its sustainability. Engaged customers, employees and even industry rivals make up a cohesive trellis on which an organization can grow securely. At the very beginning however, it is important to analyse how an organization views its stakeholders. Are stakeholders the means to achieve the end […]

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Corporate Responsibility in the Age of Irresponsibility:

a symbiotic relationship between csr and the financial crisis? Trying to understand the future impact of the financial turmoil of the last few months on the many institutions and actors on the global stage, is a daunting yet fascinating process. The analysis forces us to take a step back and view whatever it is that […]

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