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Towards ‘a truly water-sustainable business on a global scale Coca Cola

According to the International Water Management Institute (IWMI’s) Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture, one-third of the world population faces some form of water scarcity. A recent JP Morgan Report states that by 2025, this is expected to rise to two-thirds, due to climate change and increasing urbanization and population growth. The Intergovernmental Panel […]

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Air Pollution Prizes?

It is now a well known fact that we, humans, are systematically ruining our planet by disregarding the damage done by industrial pollution and our wasteful life style. An average car, with a 1000 cc petrol engine, produces about 160 grams of greenhouse gas carbon-di-oxide (CO2) per km, besides many other pollutants. Our inefficient power […]

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Green Business Sense?

Business is turning green globally. From cars to credit cards to light bulbs, and even potato chips, environmentally-friendly versions of products and services loved by consumers for decades are hitting the market. Driving the trend are two key factors: consumer demand for green alternatives and increasing stakeholder scrutiny of companies’ environmental footprints. Recent examples include […]

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Collective Conscience

Chances are you may have been reading about conserving energy in the wake of prolonged load shedding exercises by the government. Blame the think tanks for overlooking this critical utility for business and households alike and curse the KESC for coming up with power cut plans every now and then. To top it all, you […]

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