10 Tips for A Green Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of contemplation, taking stalk of our lives and how we live, to remember those less fortunate than us and giving to them. The following are 10 tips for how you can have an amazing Ramadan and do your part for the planet.

1. Start Ramadan by making the right intentions.

What is your intention or goals this Ramadan? Make an action plan, be realistic and make sure you include something for yourself, your community and for you spiritually.

2. Have a healthy Ramadan through proper nutrient and detox.

Ramadan is a time to detox ourselves: mind, body and soul. Add more vegetarian options, do not over-eat, use locally sourced foods, get them from a fruit and vegetable selle. Avoid fizzy drinks, or anything high in sugar content, as an alternative use honey or stevia in your fruit chaat. Avoid deep fried foods or enjoy in moderation. Start and end your fast with green or herbal tea to cleanse the stomach after a day of fasting in order to help flush the toxins out.

3. Give up your CO2 contribution by traveling light and smart.

You can walk or ride your bike to the nearest mosque and earn both spiritual reward and help the planet.

4. Spend meaningful energy, conserve wasteful energy.

Consider conserving more water, electricity and gas.. Challenge yourself to turn the TV (or use the compu-ter less) off for all of Ramadan and instead spend quality time with family.

5. Charity is more than giving money to a good cause.

For Zakat, consider a local organization that is doing good work to protect the under privileged or the environment. Donate used but relatively newer fancy wedding/party clothes/last Eid’s clothes and shoes to domestic staff and their families or to nearby communities of need. Starting an initiative at your school, workplace or local mosque to collect such clothes and distribute them can make a real difference.

6. Host an eco-Iftar that will be the talk of the town.

Show you care for the environment, host an Iftar that produces no waste, recycles, uses biodegradable cutlery and dishware or invite others to bring their own dishware! Most importantly, serve a healthy locally sourced Iftar meal.

7. Green your Eid, celebrate in style.

By all means, treat yourself to a nice new outfit, just be sure you are supporting local industry, and that the dyes used are not polluting the water streams. When giving Eidi to children, highlight the importance of using it responsibly: buying nothing unnecessary or that will harm planet, your body or community, consider paying it forward to a local charity to earn extra reward.

8.Commit random acts of kindness

Try smiling at people that pass by, greet the street guards, or just randomly express your gratitude for a friend. Volunteer your time at the local mosque, or in the community for an initiative you are passionate about or start a new one!

9.Celebrate Ramadan by breaking a bad habit

We all face our own challenges and bad habits. Ramadan is the perfect time to end that sugar or nicotine addiction, watch less TV, walk more, give up bad language, fix your sleeping cycle.

10. Reflect on what you’ve achieved this month.

By staying focused, obser-ving your behaviour, lifestyle and habits you will have become much more mindful and aware by the end of the month. Transformative change for the better is in the spirit of Ramadan.

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Author Information

Nimra Amjad is an Environmental Science student at Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore and a founding member of Pakistan Sustainability Network. She has worked for World Wildlife Fund-Pakistan, Responsible Business Initiative (Pakistan), Roshni Association and Caduceus Magazine in UK.

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  1. very inspiring very true to spirit of Ramadan……………well done Nimra…………..

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