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Global Briefs Nov-Dec 2010

The Good News Paradox: Reflecting on the HDI This year’s Human Development Index (HDI) came out in early November and it was full of good news. The HDI started out 20 years ago to provide a way of indexing development and progress that gives a fuller picture of human well being than GDP’s shallow economic […]

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Glimpses of Reality

What’s not to like about an initiative that provides free electricity to a remote village in the Thar Desert? These images narrates the story of the brightening of lives of the people of Oan village, with the help of a social enterprise, Uth-Oye!. The Magic Lamp When we first heard of a village in Thar […]

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wanted – leaders!

Another year has come to past. Another 80 million people, net (all births minus all deaths), have taken up residence on over-taxed, groaning Planet Earth. Everything around us is being used up faster than it can be replenished. Some things cannot be replenished even if one tried, because the stock to start with is finite. […]

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The Road Less Traveled: East Malaysia

When the average tourist or business traveler hears the name Malaysia, his or her mind rifles through images of Kuala Lumpurs impressive skyline, or Penang’s white sandy beaches, or better yet, the crazy parties at Langkawi! For the more sedate, Malaysia may even spell the cultural richness of Melaka, and for the more audacious, perhaps […]

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