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Major Challenges – for TBL Reporting in Pakistan

CSR reporting has been in vogue in many multinational and progressive national organizations for quite some time now. However, this is still a new idea for many organizations and they are either unaware of the concept or don?t know how to report on the triple bottom line (TBL). Penned below are the major challenges for […]

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Why Social Media is Vital to Corporate Social Responsibility

Social media has begun to play a key role in how companies shape their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and present themselves as good corporate citizens. The standard for CSR is being redefined and is evolving as a driver of innovation. As business leaders strive to build more sustainable and socially responsible entities, formal social […]

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From the Native World of Beetlenuts, Pinang

There’s something magical about pioneers. Part of that magic, if you’re a guest, is in the attention to detail. From the fresh green apples they bring you in the Jacuzzi to everyone knowing your name to the restaurant manager remembering my endless fatal food allergies to the endless complimentary services and consumables. In having a […]

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Art Therapy

Picture Painting Chimp Earns Fame, But Not Freedom For most of his 27 years, Jimmy the chimpanzee has been kept under lock and key, allowed only to dream of the world beyond the confines of his enclosure at a small zoo in Rio de Janeiro. With no companion and little to do to pass the […]

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