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Making A Difference

Increasingly frustrated by hedonism and the selfishness of crass consumerism, people now want to have a goal in life that transcends them and reaches out to make a positive impact on society and environment. Wayne Visser’s research aims to study what helps us define our goals and motivates us to act respon-sibly for the benefit […]

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Social Responsibility of Leaders: Queen Noor’s Autobiography

The Hashimite rulers of Jordan, descendants of the famous Grand Sharif of Makkah, have played a pivotal role in recent history. Jordan, with its ancient ruins and rich cultural heritage, is situated in one of the most politically volatile areas of the world. Ever since the Balfour Declaration, it has faced a number of crises: […]

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Sustenance of Enterprise

“In the world of today, managers and leaders of organizations, in both the private sector and civil society, are being challenged as never before to find ways to play a pro-active role in addressing the concerns of sustainable development”. They are often overwhelmed by a shower of conflicting messages from the media, shareholders, customers, employees, […]

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Mad, Sad and Bad Management

“I believe skepticism & doubt are the first steps to knowledge” says Adrian Furnham, author of the book Mad, Sad & Bad Management. This rather amusing and enlightening book includes an abundance of analyses on aspects of contemporary business and management. Its central theme is focused on incompetence rather than competence, stupidity rather than wisdom […]

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