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The Failure of Good Governance: How it led to the Financial Crisis

The concept of good governance has typically been used in development economics as a way to describe the system of aid-recipient countries – developing economies. The recent economic crisis has brought this concept into light in developed economies where governance, both public and private, has been assumed to be sound. Euphemistically put, the unfolding of […]

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Pak-Governance: Parallel Tracks

The term “good governance” has increasingly been used to describe the regulatory interventionist regime necessary to support free markets in order to reduce, minimize and dampen suboptimal market outcomes due to constraints present in the real world. The concept was also adopted by development literature whereby it was argued that better institutions (that is, better […]

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The Desire not to Stagnate: Asif Qadir

Asif Qadir CEO, Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd. For those of you who’ve interacted with me recently, you know that among my current CSR passions is almost anything to do with value chain empowerment. And that’s precisely what the juicy parts of my conversation with Asif Qadir, President and CEO of Engro Polymer, were about. […]

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Water Power in Pakistan

With the realities of climate change and the depletion of fossil fuels, renewable energy is now in the spotlight. Currently, wind and solar power have been in the news, but there are also many other sources of energy that would benefit the environment and the developing world. These sources include wave and tidal power in […]

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