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Victims and Winners: CSR and the Financial Crisis

Is the crisis the result of irresponsible banking, financial markets, corporations, executives or capitalism itself? And how will the impact vary, depending on whether CSR is philanthropic, strategic, embedded or revolutionary? This article examines the scale of the financial crisis, the links to CSR and the likely impact on CSR. The Scale of The Crisis […]

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Water and Corruption: a destructive partnership

The Global Corruption Report 2008 is the first report to assess how corruption affects all aspects of water – and reflects on what more can be done to ensure that corruption does not continue to destroy this basic and essential resource, one that is so fundamental to the lives of people all over the planet. […]

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VC Analysis: Rooting Out Detractors

The rather significant ass-u-m-ption in using the term value chain (VC) as opposed to supply chain is that only processes or people that add value to a product or service are considered to be a part of the value chain. In reality, this is often not the case, especially where middlemen often are observed to […]

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