The Curse of Uneconomic CSR

Extract from his forthcoming book The Age of Responsibility: CSR 2.0 and the New DNA of Business (published by Wiley in February 2011) One of the current failures of CSR is that the much touted ?business case? for CSR is not nearly as obvious, certain or practiced as many assume. Let?s start with the rhetoric. […]

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Book Teaser

The Ages and Stages of CSR: from Defensive to Systemic CSR I have found it useful to view the evolution of business responsibility in terms of five overlapping economic periods – the Ages of Greed, Philanthropy, Misrepresentation, Management and Responsibility – each of which typically manifests a different stage of CSR, namely: Defensive, Charitable, Promotional, […]

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The Case for Banning CSR!

I participated in a strategy session on CSR/sustainability this week and was left wondering if we CSR specialists are our own worst enemy. Would more progress be made if we banned CSR? Would we be better off if we never used the C-word again? What if we substituted “CSR” with “risk management” or “new business […]

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Hope and 2009

Last month I was at the Science Museum in London attending the 20th Anniversary alumni celebrations of the University of Cambridge Programme for Industry (CPI). The evening included an introductory speech by Director, Polly Courtice. Then we showed a film (on a BIG Imax screen). The film included extracts from interviews I conducted with Joseph […]

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