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Common Sense Approaches to A ‘Food Secure’ Pakistan

An interesting advertisement appeared in the national press in mid-May 2008, seeking tenders for food supply in various prisons in Sindh. The benchmark was three meals of 150 grams wheat flour each on an average. Immediately one thought of the wheat crisis, as well as the food crisis, and the mind began to calculate. Extrapolating […]

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World Wheat Whereabouts

Pakistan is the world’s sixth largest producer of wheat, according to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, with an annual production of over 21 million metric tonnes (MT). The US Department of Agriculture estimates Pakistan’s rice consumption to be over 2.5 million MT. With exports of about the same quantity, Pakistan is capable of feeding […]

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Elusive Commodities, Starving Masses and Ruthless Speculators

In recent months, the food crisis has increasingly been in the news. There have been riots in many different countries all over the world including Mexico, Egypt, India and Yemen due to the increase in food prices. Even though these riots have only happened recently, the increase in food prices has been building since 2005. […]

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