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Climate Earth has developed new software technology that measures and analyzes the carbon impact inside the supply chain, from the production of a carton of orange juice to the construction of a giant skyscraper. Chris Erickson, CEO, is a serial entrepreneur and accomplished Fortune 500 executive. He founded Climate Earth to address corporate fossil fuel dependency and climate change.

A Solution Designed for Business People

Managing carbon is a cyclical process with both business and technical dimensions spread-sheets are not scalable and software alone isn’t the answer. Climate Earth offers a turnkey business system for carbon
management and provides a carbon report, and a whole new perspective on your business, in just 30 days.

We Are Your Carbon Department

You want insight into all of your company’s carbon. You want a cost-effective solution that maximizes the return on investment in multiple ways. You need a service that is 100 percent compliant with current and emerging standards, uses industry best practices, and is backed by a rigorous audit trail. And you want this information quickly, with updates on a regular basis. We get it.

We generate the numbers and metrics-and stand behind them-so you can focus on business goals like implementing strategies that use carbon as a key performance metric. We are faster, more comprehensive and less expensive than any serious alternative. And we have the best minds in the field. In fact, our CTO is a key contributor to the World Resources Institute’s guidelines on carbon emissions. There is no substitute for having the most competent team at your side. Compare us to other firms and you’ll see the difference.

A User-Friendly Experience

Using our service is easy. Our team of friendly, proactive managers and highly skilled experts will guide you through the first steps of implementing a comprehensive carbon reduction plan. In the kick-off call your personal manager will introduce the team, provide milestones and a checklist of items we need to get star-ted. Here’s an idea of what you’ll experience:

Week 0: We learn about your company and carbon needs

Week 1: You upload data to us (ex: financial data, utility bills)

Week 2: We develop a sophisticated set of business rules tailored to your company

Week 3: We “map” your business data to our climate data base and run the numbers

Week 4: We deliver a comprehensive carbon statement and analytics

Our carbon assessments can be applied to individual products, business units or to your entire organization and supply chain. We’ll help you choose the right scale for the first pass.

Carbon Accounting Solutions

We offer three carbon accounting solutions to match your unique business needs. All Climate Earth solutions cover the enterprise and supply chain and provide these core benefits:

  • Reliable answers, not just tools
  • Full supply chain transparency
  • Carbon “hot spot” identification
  • Rapid implementation (60 days or less)
  • No staffing or carbon expertise required
  • Periodic carbon statements & metrics

1. Enterprise & Supply Chain

An actionable overview of all carbon emissions in your value chain. Reveals carbon hot spots so you can choose initiatives that are material to your business.

2. Product Carbon Modeling

In-depth insights on materials and components. Identify opportunities to reduce costs and gain efficiencies through re-design and material substitution.

3. Supplier Metrics

Supplier-specific metrics and detailed carbon insights about your value chain.

For smarter supplier management, logistics and operational efficiency gains.

Enterprise & Supply Chain gets you started quickly, reveals where you stand and provides a roadmap for action. Product Carbon Modeling is a “deep dive” that provides additional granularity about the embedded carbon in your products. Supplier Metrics “goes wide” with detailed supplier-specific carbon metrics, so you can evaulate vendors more strategically, and increase the efficiency and quality of your value chain.

Automated & Turnkey

Executives prefer carbon accounting that blend technology and expert guidance. That’s why Climate Earth solutions are both automated (data-base driven) and turnkey (outsourced). Our purpose-built system does the number crunching while our experts oversee the process and review the results. You get reliable answers quickly, not tools or drawn out projects.

Climate Earth carbon accounting eliminates the need to learn another software application or hire staff with expertise in climate science. Unlike consulting firms, our solutions avoid manual approaches, which are expensive, time consuming, lack a consistent methodology and are not easily repeatable.

Our Technology

Our technical approach to carbon accounting is designed to serve business goals. We utilize sophisticated business rules, the most reliable framework, and our peer-reviewed carbon database to generate insightful statements and metrics. We capture the whole picture of your carbon impact across the supply chain-from materials extraction through product distribution and services. Our technology also ensures that the integrity and momentum of your program is maintained over time and through organizational changes.



The process of integrating and transforming data is just as important as the data quality. Our framework is based on Hybrid Life-Cycle Assessment. Hybrid LCA combines the breadth of top-down analysis from economic input-output data which looks at the entire economy, with the granularity of bottoms-up analysis from your company data. We believe that the best way to realize a return on your investment is to begin by understanding your full carbon impact. From this firm footing you can determine the best places for detailed analysis. This approach allows us to be comprehensive, timely and targeted. Unlike other firms, we don’t simply use this methology we helped to create it. Our chief scientist, Dr. Sangwon Suh, is one of the top experts in the world on Hybrid Life-Cycle Analysis.


A cornerstone of our system is a carbon emissions database developed by our Chief Scientist, Dr. Sangwon Suh. The Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive for Economic and Environmental Systems Analysis (“CEDA 3.0 Climate”), known as CEDA, is unique in that it is the only database of its kind that is peer-reviewed by scientists from around the world. As you evaluate other carbon solutions, be sure to understand the quality of their core data and whether they have both the expertise and the commitment to stand behind the data and metrics derived from the data. Our scientists and mathematicians continually expand and refine CEDA by integrating appropriate environmental databases and real-world project data. No other firm has access to this valuable data and the expertise required to develop and maintain the information.

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