The ACCA-WWF Green Economy Forum Pakistan 2012 comprising an expert panel discussion and the coveted Pakistan Environmental Reporting Awards ceremony, brings together industry, capital markets and environmental leaders to discuss business and the nance profession?s role in addressing sustainable development challenges in Pakistan.

ACCA and WWF Pakistan believe that organisations have a responsibility to account for not only their nancial impact but also their impact on society and the environment. Organisations must develop strategies that take account of their impact on sustainability alongside their core business functions.

The ACCA-WWF Green Economy Forum Pakistan 2012 is also an occasion to meet and listen to the experiences of the winners of the ACCA-WWF Pakistan Environmental Reporting Awards 2011. Since 2001, the Awards have been rewarding transparency in reporting, thus encouraging a growing commitment to the best practices of sustainability reporting.

The crises in climate, biodiversity, fuel, food, water and the nancial system we witness today it is clear that a new economic system needs to be developed to avoid large scale irreversible disaster ? an economic system that will help alleviate the numerous risks posed by the crises noted above, as well as provide a number of opportunities for growth and prosperity

The event will be an excellent opportunity to network with professionals, policymakers, academics, think tanks, business leaders, donors and media professionals, who share common interests in businesses that are facilitating the sustainable development of Pakistan. It also provides a platform on which delegates can share their opinions on business and sustainability through social media channels.


Thursday 21 June 2012 / 09.00 ? 13.00 / Crystal Ball Room, Marriott Hotel, Karachi


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