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Water Power in Pakistan

With the realities of climate change and the depletion of fossil fuels, renewable energy is now in the spotlight. Currently, wind and solar power have been in the news, but there are also many other sources of energy that would benefit the environment and the developing world. These sources include wave and tidal power in […]

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Kerstin Dietrich

Ms. Dietrich is a global specialist on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). During her recent, fourth, visit to Pakistan she graciously shared with TBL, her thoughts about the development and potential of the CDM in developing countries like Pakistan. Khadeeja Balkhi: If you were to capture the essence of the CDM as you see it, […]

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Global Briefs Jul-Aug 2008

Remake a Living: The Jobs Are Blowin’ in The Wind Turbines are sprouting like wildflowers after rain in Texas, California, Iowa, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, and Oklahoma. Not to mention China. As the hype about “green” jobs has grown, the wind-energy industry has done a pretty good job of reporting accurately on their job […]

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