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CSR for PR not PR for CSR

So, what is the relationship between CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and PR (Public Relations)? The short answer is PR can be both a blessing and a curse to CSR. It is a matter of which comes first and what is the intention. Done properly and with a company that embraces the strategic and integrated nature […]

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The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility: Cross Company CSR

Imagine a manufacturing company in the business of producing and marketing farm implements. Business growth for this company, let’s call it Quality Tools Limited, depends amongst other factors, on the level of education (and hence comprehension) the potential buyers – the farmers – have, in order that they may better understand both the usage and […]

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Any Takers?

My view on CSR is rather self-centric. What is in it for me? Are all the millions the corporate sector is pouring into CSR programming making my life better? Do companies understand how my life can get better? I don’t think so. Because if they did, I wouldn’t be stressed and hyper-ventilating all the time […]

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Victims and Winners: CSR and the Financial Crisis

Is the crisis the result of irresponsible banking, financial markets, corporations, executives or capitalism itself? And how will the impact vary, depending on whether CSR is philanthropic, strategic, embedded or revolutionary? This article examines the scale of the financial crisis, the links to CSR and the likely impact on CSR. The Scale of The Crisis […]

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