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Cost of Coercion

The Global Report on forced labour, published in 2005, provided figures to show the truly global scope of the problem, which affects virtually all countries and all kinds of economies. Some 12.3 million persons worldwide were in some form of forced labour or bondage. Of these, 9.8 million were exploited by private agents, including more […]

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Corporate Triple Bottom Line Reporting in Pakistan

“The companies can no longer afford the luxury of ambiguity,” states WBCSD report titled ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Making Good Business Sense’. The trend of environmental reporting started in 1990s and a few reports came out from some very progressive companies in the world. This became a fashion with the turn of the century. In 2002, […]

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Going Beyond: Leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility

TNS Kumari leaves her shift at the Bodyline plant in rural Horana in the afternoons to get home to her daughter and infant son. Her husband takes care of the children in the morning and he works the afternoon shift at the same plant. They have a new house, a car, some land and even […]

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Around The World in 100 days…

Since its relaunch in February 2009, the number of visitors to tbl website continues to grow steadily. tbl has an expanding international network, including CSR specialists who regularly contribute original research-based articles and content in the publication and a number of international strategic partners, which share its goals and Vision. With a diverse readership of […]

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