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The Desire not to Stagnate: Asif Qadir

Asif Qadir CEO, Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd. For those of you who’ve interacted with me recently, you know that among my current CSR passions is almost anything to do with value chain empowerment. And that’s precisely what the juicy parts of my conversation with Asif Qadir, President and CEO of Engro Polymer, were about. […]

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Kerstin Dietrich

Ms. Dietrich is a global specialist on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). During her recent, fourth, visit to Pakistan she graciously shared with TBL, her thoughts about the development and potential of the CDM in developing countries like Pakistan. Khadeeja Balkhi: If you were to capture the essence of the CDM as you see it, […]

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Etsko Schuitema: Intent – Care & Growth

At the core of the crises humanity is facing is the spectacular failure of controls and policies – be that in food management, financial sectors, international relations, governance systems, or even inter-personal relationships. In a world that is becoming fragmented and franchised, more controls are impossible to implement. Yet there is a need of collective […]

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Challenge of The 21st Century: Advancement-poverty Paradox

Hussain Dawood Chairman The Dawood Group In your opinion, what is true CSR? Or what is an understanding of sustainable practices within your sphere? CSR has been made synonymous with corporate philanthropy (CP) in peoples mind whereas it is about sustainable development in the key areas of social, environment and economic well-being of organizations and […]

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