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Marketers! Ask Not “to Tweet or Book?”

Ask how both can be used as a part of an overall branding strategy in the appropriate way. Facebook and Twitter are playing a larger role in brand strategy than anyone could have expected. What started off as a social networking tool for the mere purpose of harmless interaction has turned into an online billboard […]

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Uraan – ‘A Burning Desire’

The engagement of an individual with a purpose bigger than what is taught in schools and universities is a tedious task. Purpose – The word, most unflinchingly demands a seriousness that seldom the youth at large, can fathom. I see it almost as a journey. Uraan set out a task that we feel must be […]

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A Fair Affair

Tatsat in Sanskrit means ‘all that eternally exists’. Another meaning that would be relevant here is ‘that what is fair’ for ‘Tat’ means ‘that’ and ‘sat’ a prefix in Sanskrit means ‘Fair’. And that is what this Jhangi family run enterprise seeks to offer to its customers. Located amidst the hustle bustle of posh Hauz […]

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Collaboration In The Health Sector: The Case Of Bangladesh And Tuberculosis

Collaboration takes many different forms. In the case of Bangladesh, there has been a long history of government collaborating with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), particularly on issues related to poverty and health. In 1972, the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) was founded and has since developed different programmes including micro-credit. BRAC has also expanded to other […]

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