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Elkingtonian Thoughts

Last week TBL had the opportunity to have an informal telephonic chat from Karachi with John Elkington, while he was participating in the Corporate Responsibility Summit in Mumbai, organized by Child Rights and You (CRY), one of India’s leading NGOs working for children. Wikipedia describes John Elkington as “a world authority on corporate responsibility and […]

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Moving towards a Long-term Corporate Sustainability Policy in 2013

We begin 2013 with a stark reminder in 2012 of the vulnerability of the global community’s sustainability to impacts of seemingly unending environmental degradation. The Rio 20 Summit in the summer of 2012 once again brought together a huge number of stakeholders to discuss and debate the global implications of climate change, environmental pollution, scarcity […]

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“If you label it this, then it can’t be that” *

* (a quote from the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe) By: Adrienna Zsakay Note: For the purposes of this article, and despite the different roles non-government (NGO’s) and non-profit organisations (NPO’s) may play, a generic term of ‘third-sector’ will be used. In addition it is recognised that many do generate surpluses to […]

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The Essence of Sustainability

Part 1 – The genesis of corporate sustainability: Corporations, the world over, are formed and then go on to conduct business, with one express purpose to generate a financial return on the investment of their shareholders. In simpler words, to make profits. This may sound obvious and even cliched, but on the other hand, it […]

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