Connecting CSR with the Development Sector through Corporate Volunteering Programmes

Corporate social responsibility and socio-economic development of communities have for long become interlinked. In many parts of the world, the government no longer has enough money or the manpower to address all of society’s problems or often, even basic needs. The corporate sector has been making financial contributions towards many of these needs of society […]

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THE SUSTAINABILITY GENERATION – The Politics of Change and Why Personal Accountability is Essential Now!

As the world embraces the concept of sustainability at many levels and looks for solutions to reduce human impact on Planet Earth, varying ideas on what should be done are being proposed. Many of these proposed solutions can also have a rebound effect though. For example, the savings made in energy efficiency of products often […]

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Regulating Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan

Regulators all around the world are now increasingly holding the corporate sector ‘responsible’ for its impact on society, the economy and the environment. This is being seen through increased regulatory behavior to guide companies in driving corporate social responsibility. Keeping with global best practices, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has recently released ‘Voluntary […]

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Moving towards a Long-term Corporate Sustainability Policy in 2013

We begin 2013 with a stark reminder in 2012 of the vulnerability of the global community’s sustainability to impacts of seemingly unending environmental degradation. The Rio 20 Summit in the summer of 2012 once again brought together a huge number of stakeholders to discuss and debate the global implications of climate change, environmental pollution, scarcity […]

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