The Fortune Companion:Business With Society

There exists a mental rather psychological demarcation between what is referred to as the social sector, and what is referred to as the business sector. In essence (and in theory), both are interchangeable, depending on an individual’s outlook, as what may be social for one, is business for the other and vice versa. In the […]

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Business and Intervention: Let’s Talk Governance

Philanthropy and directed investments are one form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). However enhancing internal processes (for instance, corporate governance) is another form, which remains largely untapped, especially in Pakistan. This is a startling reality, as evidence from the west increasingly notes the collusion of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. It is interesting to […]

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Labour Markets: Verbosity With Meaning

When a downturn hits, there is a fall in demand, and it is labour working at the lowest tier of the market which gets bumped out of the economy first. Many perceive this as a consequence of adhoc decisions on the part of employers, but infact such is a systematic consequence of the function of […]

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Markets And Journalism

Many have drawn parallels of the current world economic downturn with history, drawing upon individual country studies over the past few decades and the mammoth dive of the world economic system in the 1930’s – The Great Depression. However, few have noted the uniqueness of the crisis given the technological age in which such a […]

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