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A Way Forward The Commonwealth Business Council Guidelines For Corporate Citizenship

Business in the Commonwealth has become increasingly aware of its role in helping to make globalisation work in a way that combines economic advance with social development. Indeed, many Commonwealth companies are leading the way by demonstrating good corporate citizenship in action, “living out” the business principles that they have established and articulated in different […]

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Beyond Accounting Assessing The Impact of Sustainability Reporting on Tomorrow’s Business

Business has an extraordinary capacity to deliver practical solutions. Tomorrow’s Global Company: Challenges and Choices argues that future commercial success must go hand in hand with tackling our shared challenges, such as environmental degradation, poverty and abuse of human rights. Tony Manwaring Chief Executive, Tomorrow’s Company We manage what we measure (and report) – it’s […]

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Hope and 2009

Last month I was at the Science Museum in London attending the 20th Anniversary alumni celebrations of the University of Cambridge Programme for Industry (CPI). The evening included an introductory speech by Director, Polly Courtice. Then we showed a film (on a BIG Imax screen). The film included extracts from interviews I conducted with Joseph […]

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CSR Reflections on Davos

Davos Day 1 (January 28, 2009) It’s fair to say that if you’re prone to depression, Davos is not a good place to be this year. Not only is the economic outlook gloomier than ever, but it is also snowing heavily “thus forcing everybody to dress in silly boots and bear-like coats that automatically strip […]

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