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Global Briefs May-Jun 2009

Artificial Sweetners and Health Hazards Artificial sweeteners have been linked to bladder cancer in laboratory rats. The cancer affects a mechanism in the rat’s bladder that does not exist in humans, and, therefore, the FDA does not consider most artificial sweete-ners dangerous for human consumption. A new study from the Water Technology Center is Karlsruhe, […]

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Waste Not, Want Not?

About 353,000 babies are born every single day in the world. About 146,000 people die each day globally. So in round numbers, the world population is growing by about 200,000 people every day or a million every 5 days. Given that the Planet’s natural resources are limited, common sense dictates that waste should be avoided […]

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What’s Happening?

Global Forum 2009 The three-day interactive summit “Business as an Agent of World Benefit – “Manage by Designing in an Era of Massive Innovation” was held from June 25, 2009, at the Case Western Reserve Univer-sity, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The summit hosted interactive change methods, breakout sessions, and expert-led discussions. The purpose of the confe-rence […]

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Cost of Coercion

The Global Report on forced labour, published in 2005, provided figures to show the truly global scope of the problem, which affects virtually all countries and all kinds of economies. Some 12.3 million persons worldwide were in some form of forced labour or bondage. Of these, 9.8 million were exploited by private agents, including more […]

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