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What’s Happening?

Conference: Bringing Women Owned Enterprises from Micro to Small Calling for a Policy Wedge between ‘Small’ and ‘Medium’ Enterprises Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with Center for International Private Enterprise, a non-profit affiliate of US Chambers of Commerce working for economic reforms throughout the globe, recently organized a policy round […]

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Global Briefs Sep-Oct 2009

Green Space and Community Health City dwellers residing near parks and greenery enjoy better health and fewer bouts of depression than those living in enclaves of concrete and asphalt, according to a study released on Thursday. A dense concentration of trees, shrubs, and flowers close to home had the greatest impact, according to the study […]

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What Age is This?

Bill Shakespeare was a man with deep insights into the human mind and by extension, human beha-viour. In As You Like It, he proposes that a man’s life can be divided into seven ages. “All the world’s a stage And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And […]

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