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Can Blue Be The Next Green in Pakistan

A paint factory catches fire. All the city’s fire brigade is involved in trying to put out the fire. Still, the burning chemicals continue to burn throughout the night. The firm puts out an ad in the papers soon after telling the world that they are back to business as usual. An insurance company puts […]

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Challenge of The 21st Century: Advancement-poverty Paradox

Hussain Dawood Chairman The Dawood Group In your opinion, what is true CSR? Or what is an understanding of sustainable practices within your sphere? CSR has been made synonymous with corporate philanthropy (CP) in peoples mind whereas it is about sustainable development in the key areas of social, environment and economic well-being of organizations and […]

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Collective Conscience

Chances are you may have been reading about conserving energy in the wake of prolonged load shedding exercises by the government. Blame the think tanks for overlooking this critical utility for business and households alike and curse the KESC for coming up with power cut plans every now and then. To top it all, you […]

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The Feasibility of Renewable Energy in Pakistan

Over the last thirty years, Asia has become a major player on the global scene. Many economies have become tigers while China and India are developing more rapidly than anyone had expected. Because of these developments, electricity demand is expected to increase 8% every year until 2015. As the world wakes up to the reality […]

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