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Future Scape: An Organization of One

The Contemporary Organization The emerging organization is breaking down the divides between owner, manager, and employee: all roles are assumed by one person or group. Generally it all starts with an idea around which a group of free agents or entrepreneurs gather. They are highly-skilled individuals who have a common interest and divide the task […]

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Etsko Schuitema: Intent – Care & Growth

At the core of the crises humanity is facing is the spectacular failure of controls and policies – be that in food management, financial sectors, international relations, governance systems, or even inter-personal relationships. In a world that is becoming fragmented and franchised, more controls are impossible to implement. Yet there is a need of collective […]

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Businesses are increasingly expected to solve social problems with the efficiency technically inherent in business processes. This expectation, coupled with the downsides of a short-term, profit maximizing motive, gave birth to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR has caught the fancy of business leaders across the world. In order to live or (show) […]

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