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Teri Gram Ecological Retreat

Irony of the times: a world class ecological model of excellence emerged in one of the top polluting cities in Asia. Found in the outskirts of New Delhi, in an upscale development town named Gurgaon, is the Teri Gram campus. The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) was founded by the Tata family in the 1970s […]

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Whose Water Is It Anyway?

I heard this crazy idea for water harvesting, which on reflection did not seem that crazy after all. If one is able to collect all the water flow from all the airconditioners operating night and day in a large city like Karachi, how many MGD water can one generate? Yours truly was an instant convert […]

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Global Briefs Jul-Aug 2008

Remake a Living: The Jobs Are Blowin’ in The Wind Turbines are sprouting like wildflowers after rain in Texas, California, Iowa, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, and Oklahoma. Not to mention China. As the hype about “green” jobs has grown, the wind-energy industry has done a pretty good job of reporting accurately on their job […]

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