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Beyond The Buzzword: Creating Linkages

“Creating linkages” is one of the favorite buzzwords amongst NGOs, social enterprises, and corporations alike. A concept that seems quite simple connecting people to the resources they need from across programs, organizations, and sectors has become a development field in itself with its own set of experts, grants, and conferences. Linkages are a way to […]

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Partnerships in Practice:

6 Obvious Secrets for Success Organizations during the course of business interact with various stakeholders. Some of these interactions evolve to become longer term partnerships whereas the others don?t. So what exactly makes one interaction last more compared to the others? Based on personal experience, quoting successful a example of rainwater harvesting (RWH) interventions by […]

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Compassion Beyond Ramadan

Hunger is not conducive to positive social behaviour. So what motivates individuals and corporations to actively engage in philanthropic ventures during the long month of abstinence- Ramadan? Just before Iftaar time in Ramadhan, we see (and sometimes experience) the most horrific road rage. But that is also the time when strangers will stand on the […]

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This Ramadan, Count Your Riches: Scarcity to Abundance Perspective

What if there were a way to reduce our (currently outrageous) footprint on Earth such that: the shift is convenient it reduces economic cost and saves technological effort it reinforces benevolent relationships it creates organic, effortless growth it is consistent with ethical and spiritual values it enriches the social whole by nurturing the individual person […]

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