This Ramadan, Count Your Riches: Scarcity to Abundance Perspective

What if there were a way to reduce our (currently outrageous) footprint on Earth such that: the shift is convenient it reduces economic cost and saves technological effort it reinforces benevolent relationships it creates organic, effortless growth it is consistent with ethical and spiritual values it enriches the social whole by nurturing the individual person […]

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6point8 Billion: The Citizen Stakeholders

Is it possible to engage each and every human on the planet as a stakeholder? Is it possible to make every single voice count? Is it possible to get all citizens on board to arrive at decisions that are relevant to the entire population? The answer is: YES. A resounding, no dream, all hard fact […]

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‘Service’ Lets The World Stay Round

I went to visit the doctor two days ago. At the clinic, I was given a waiting number. Now this clinic is a bit of a run-down operation, but I trust the doctor for his accurate diagnostic skills and the ability to treat a patient with more kindness and less medicine. He also chooses to […]

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Why We’re Failing to Sustain – and How Can We Succeed, Right Now

I just had an Aha! moment about what’s-the-problem-with- sustainability. Conse quently, I saw how can that “problem” be fixed instantly. Because that problem does not lie in nature. The ‘problem’ is how we define sustainability. This is the current Wikipedia definition and by design, it’s the current definition of the collective humanity: “Sustainability, in a […]

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