E-Waste Recycling in Poor Countries

In Western countries, it is increasingly common to replace electronic equipment within a few years. Currently, many countries are implementing laws that mandate switching from analogue to digital television broadcasting, further accelerating the rate at which people dispose off their old televisions. In addition, because of rapid advancements in technology, many people in both the [...]

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Collaboration In The Health Sector: The Case Of Bangladesh And Tuberculosis

Collaboration takes many different forms. In the case of Bangladesh, there has been a long history of government collaborating with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), particularly on issues related to poverty and health. In 1972, the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) was founded and has since developed different programmes including micro-credit. BRAC has also expanded to other [...]

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Water Power in Pakistan

With the realities of climate change and the depletion of fossil fuels, renewable energy is now in the spotlight. Currently, wind and solar power have been in the news, but there are also many other sources of energy that would benefit the environment and the developing world. These sources include wave and tidal power in [...]

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Child Labour: A Tragedy

Child labour is a reality in Pakistan. Many organizations have estimated that there could be anywhere from 8 to 19 million child labourers in the country. The age of a child is defined from age five to age fourteen, of which there are 40 million in Pakistan, according to a survey last year by the [...]

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