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The Trellis of Sustainability: Engaged Stakeholders

Engaging the stakeholders of an organization is crucial for ensuring its sustainability. Engaged customers, employees and even industry rivals make up a cohesive trellis on which an organization can grow securely. At the very beginning however, it is important to analyse how an organization views its stakeholders. Are stakeholders the means to achieve the end […]

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The Road Less Traveled: East Malaysia

When the average tourist or business traveler hears the name ‘Malaysia’, his or her mind rifles through images of Kuala Lumpur’s impressive skyline, or Penang’s white sandy beaches, or better yet, the crazy parties at Langkawi! For the more sedate, Malaysia may even spell the cultural richness of Melaka, and for the more audacious, perhaps […]

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what’s happening

the carbon footprint of the 2010 world cup If you thought that those pesky vuvuzela were the worst thing about the 2010 World Cup, wait until you hear about the carbon emissions estimated to be released during the planet’s biggest sporting event. According to a study conducted by the Norwegian Embassy and South African government […]

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Branded Nation

What is common between Prophets, politicians and playwrights? They all tell stories. What determines the popularity of each? How well they sell their stories Moses’ Ten Commandments, Bush’s WMD and Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ are all ‘stories’ we recognize and relate to. Storytelling is the core of culture it is through stories that we share our feelings, […]

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